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For all the Bob Ross fans!

My sister sent me this link, and I had to share right away! Now, if you don’t know who Bob Ross is; I kind of feel bad for you. If you don’t like Bob Ross; you don’t have a soul. … Continue reading

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10 tells of a crafter, artist, or designer.

1. You save everything. From jars, bottles, sticks, buttons, rocks, maps, fabric, forks, etc…… You are ALMOST ready for hoarders. 2. You talk to yourself and your materials and use phrases like: ‘Let’s do this!’ ‘I’m going to craft the … Continue reading

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Watermelon mania!

Hey again everyone, First off, I have to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the views, likes, comments, and kindness. I never really imagined that anything I had to say had room on this internet … Continue reading

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Visual Merchandising 101

Hey everyone! It’s so nice to see so many views and new followers! Thank you everyone for your love. I hope to grow this blog to a something really phenomenal. If I may take a moment for a shameless plug … Continue reading

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Happy Parents and Happy Aunts and Uncles Day!!!

Well, today is actually Parents day….Dedicated to celebrate family values. Amen to that. Let’s celebrate them, cause they seem to be disappearing!! On July 26th, we celebrate our aunts and uncles! High five to whoever started this holiday!! Just don’t … Continue reading

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Swimsuit upcycle.

Since last summer, I finally found a job, I lost 15 pounds (and counting), and have just been happier in general (thanks to my ex employer for laying me off, you did me a huge favor for my mental health….. … Continue reading

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10 Tips For Furniture Shoppers.

Furniture shopping tips. 1. Measure measure measure! Not just your room, but the entire path it takes to get to your driveway, up stairs, through doorways, narrow halls, around tight corners. Even the most experienced delivery staff could potentially damage … Continue reading

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