Skin care from my pantry.

So it’s been approximately 9 weeks since I’ve gone without brand cover up, foundation, or face powder.

I have been using a DIY mixture I found on Pinterest and Google.
I mixed corn starch, cinnamon, cocoa powder and nutmeg until the coloring was most like my skin tone.

The first day I immediately noticed a difference in the shine on my face. I am a visual merchandiser at a furniture store, so I’m in and out of a warehouse, in the heat, climbing on ladders, lifting heavy stuff…. So, I get a ‘glow’. Even oil free makeups made my face shiny. Well… No more. This new mixture from my cupboard made my skin feel fresh all day.

A couple of weeks later I noticed my skin was clearing. Cinnamon is an anti inflammatory, nutmeg works it’s magic on dark spots and scars, and cocoa let’s the skin absorb a healthy bronze. The blend smells wonderful. My pores shrunk and I noticed less blemishes.

The only negative I noticed was the texture. If happened to touch my face, I noticed it would leave a dry feeling on my fingers. Which ended up being a good thing, because I touched my face less.

I mixed everything in a clean repurposed jelly jar and applied it using a kabuki brush. A lil blush and some eye make up was all I needed on already tanned skin. Sometimes make up looks too fake in the summer, given the elements and my freckle face.

In addition to face powder. I’ve been using vitamin e as lotion, and it works wonders for skin that gets abuse at the beach.

Some other skin treats that have done me well:

1 part coconut oil and 1 part nutmeg, makes a great night scrub.

3 tsp water and 1 tsp of baking soda, makes a great morning skin reviver… Especially if you work out in am. I let it sit on my face while the shower heats up for a few seconds.

Check out this great read. that inspires you to dabble with your own concoctions..

… hopefully by the end of summer I will have an arsenal of homemade makeups.

Next on review. Almond and charcoal eye liner, powder, mascara. Vitamin E. And other DIY skin therapy.

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4 Responses to Skin care from my pantry.

  1. Fantastic blog post, I really liked reading
    it. I do have a query which you might be in a position to
    help me with. I suffer from cystic acne and I also have
    extremely sensitive skin and I am also very sensitive to the sun, so
    my skin is often drying out. What can you advise to help?

  2. Thank you so very much for your kind words. I am by no means an expert. But I try to keep it simple and no fuss. My skin is combination and I have awful tap water.

    I love not having heavy makeup through the day, it works well in the very humid eastern nc. I moisturize with liquid vitamin e. just a few dabs on a freshly washed face, it has nourished my skin and definitely helps with time spent in the sun. I will do a quick two minute face mask of raw honey and baking soda on occassion. I think my biggest problem is drinking enough water. I think that and a healthy diet makes the biggest difference.

    I found this great link with very nice simple and good mask recipes. Maybe throw an avacado in there.

    This is why I love pinterest!

    Thank you again for your visits, attention, comments, and cheers, even jeers…. But hopefully no jeers. 🙂

    I hope to keep it coming and be inspired by your ideas too, so get a brush or find a sewing machine and have some fun and share often!

    Stay cool,

    Bethany ❤

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    I wan’t going to comment as this posts a bit old now, but just wanted to say thanks. 607090

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