Watermelon mania!

Hey again everyone,

First off, I have to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the views, likes, comments, and kindness. I never really imagined that anything I had to say had room on this internet world. Between Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter…. I feel like a speck…. not even…. a mitochondria of that speck (yet still, the powerhouse of the cell… WINK.. I LOVE BIOLOGY)

So to thank you all– I’d like to present you with a FREEBIE FRIDAY! As soon as my Facebook hits 150 likes, I will give away –at random — a set of four drinking glasses that I have hand painted.

Watermelon glasses by bethanybeachdesigns.com

Set of 4 watermelon glasses.

My inspiration for these glasses– The famous Bogue Sound watermelon. Now if you love watermelon, and have never had a BOGUE SOUND watermelon, you need to come visit the beautiful Crystal Coast of NC and pick one up at one of the following locations:

Guthrie Farms
195 Guthrie Farm Road
Located on Highway 24 in the town of Bogue, east of Emerald Isle

Bucks Corner Farm
338 Whitehouse Fork Road
Located on Highway 58 in Pelieter

Riggs Farms
3611 Freedom Way
Located 3 miles west of Swansboro on Highway 24

Garner Farms
173 Sam Garner Road
Located off Highway 70 between Newport and Morehead City

Winberry Farms
1006 Cedar Point Blvd
Located on Highway 24 in Cedar Point

Willis Farms
575 Chatam Street in Newport
Located across from Newport Middle School

Quinn Farms
Lake Road in Newport
Located at the intersection of Nine Foot and Nine Mile Roads

Will’s Produce
1184 Highway 58
Located in Pelieter


If fruit is nature’s candy; Bogue Sound Watermelon is the Ferrero Rocher.

I love fruits and veggies. Love em! But what to do with ALL that watermelon? Watermelon eating contest? Give some away?

Or how about juice them and add some liquor and drink them through the weekend. Yeah, I’ll do that.

My supplies:
Bogue Sound Watermelon
Cream of Coconut
My juicer (or you could use a blender and make a slushy like concoction)



I tried a variety of combinations and this is my favorite recipe:

1 shot of passion fruit or regular vodka or Bacardi
1/2 shot of peach shnapps
the juice of:
Handful of grapes
1/2 of an apple
a handful of strawberries
a little bit of pineapple
a little bit of watermelon
a splash of Perrier (yes a little pricey for seltzer water, but being the crafter that I am, the bottle was too cool to say no, plus, glass is so much better than plastic)
garnish with a tiny parasol to feel fancy


At the moment, one of my favorite non profit organizations, Music is the Medicine Foundation, is having a contest. They are encouraging supporters to be creative and share photos while having fun with their fruits and veggies. There will be winners for assorted categories.

Well, if liquor wasn’t enough fun, here are some embarrassing photos of me digging into my favorite fruit for the sake of charity.

The 112 degree heat index and insane humidity makes this publicly acceptable. Music is the Medicine Foundationis a group raising awareness and money for cancer, diabetes, domestic violence, and other illnesses through the gift of music. Their events always provide a fun loving theme and great tunes. Plus, the group of people behind this organization are some truly remarkable people.

If you feel like getting involved. Here is their facebook page, that has a link to their Twitter, as well. So have some fun with me. =)

or call me, maybe?

Too much? lol

Oh great, now that dang song is stuck in my head.

Again, a big thank you to everyone for reading, have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy some cocktails… responsibly of course.

Much love,



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Interior designer, crafter, bargain hunter, cooker, baker, veggie lover, visual merchandiser, furniture upcycler, beach goer, laugher, nature lover, Ben Franklin fan, love lover.
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4 Responses to Watermelon mania!

  1. wow this is awesome!!! love your blog 🙂 xx Cat

  2. brianne says:

    yeehaw. love this. and love the pics. i want a frozen alkie drink soooo bad. better get your drinkin hat ready for my party next year, cause OH BOY. yeah!

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