Happy scraps.

My DIY watermark shirts are still in progress, it’s been a crazy week, so I had to switch up my crafting schedule. So here we go.

As you may know, I am a visual merchandiser at a furniture store. In addition to glamming up the showroom, my areas of responsibility include updating catalogs, price books, and fabric samples. It can be tedious, but worth the reward.

At least three times a year, I bring home tons of fabric samples that are too small to make anything noteworthy.

Oh, the possibilities!!!

JUST KIDDING!! You thought I’d give up that easily? Shame on you. 😉

My sister and I have a running inside joke about the Golden Girls, their general fashion sense, and eating cheesecake on the lanai. She is an amazing artist, seamstress, embroiderer, batiker, mother, laugher, etc.

So I sent her this hideous 90’s print, and anxiously waited to see what she would do with it. …WORTH THE WAIT!


Thank you for being a friend!

She made the best wine bag in the WORLD, embroidered with gold thread!!!!

It didn’t take long for me to find a few great tutorials, thanks to Google. So check out what I made with my leather samples!!!

Letha! BABY!

The first bracelet was inspired by bubbyandbean.com. I altered the ends, because I didn’t have the hardware, and the nearest craft store is a thirty minute drive.


The good thing about a small leather scrap versus a fabric sample is the lack of grain; it can be cut in any direction. So, to get the most of my sample I cut the largest circle possible. I cut around the border of the circle in a swirl motion toward the center. It left me with about six feet of a thin leather strap. I chose three different colors to yield two bracelets.

round and round it goes, where it stops, nobody knows.

After that:

1. Knot three 36’’ leather straps.

its knot! get it?

I hold the knot between my toes to get it started.

2. Braid the leather and make sure the finished/unfinished sides face in the same direction as you go.

3. At the end, I took one strap and folded a loop to the underside of the braid.

4. Make a quick stitch or spot some glue to hold the loop in place.

5. Wrap the two other straps to underside of braid, knot or glue, and trim the ends.


And you are DONE! Now you have a super cute wrap leather bracelet. You could also fashion it as a headband, ponytail wrap, a waist belt, or use it as a strap for a purse. It would even make a really fun alternative to a ribbon on a present.

I found this video tutorial AFTER I finished this bracelet, and I LOVE the charms and the hip video!!! I’m going to attempt to upcycle my grandma’s clip-on earrings into charms!!

The next bracelet I made was another one of those ridiculously clever and easy pinterest finds. Yet again, I didn’t have the snap for this project, so I made do.


I think my red leather sample was perfect for this project.

1. Cut a long oval to fit your wrist.

2. Pinch the middle.

3. Wrap the middle with thread to hold its shape.

4. Cut a skinny piece of leather, and wrap around the middle and glue in place. (I’m on the hunt for some bling to add to the center.)

5. Instead of the snap, I poked a small hole on each end of the bracelet. I threaded a thin leather strap through each hole and knotted it on the ends. Now the bracelet is adjustable!

Easy as that! I think this could double as a hair bow with a couple of bobby pins or wrapped around a pony tail or bun!

Well, I hope you have enjoyed this crafting session with me. Feel free to share and comment! How would you use the rest of my leather/fabric samples?

Love and thank you,


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