ToDosday- Date Nights!

Good morning friends,

I will declare last week’s To-Do a failure. A TO-DONT, for sure. But I’m giving it one more shot, Bethany style, to resuscitate my new purple shirts. =)

So this week’s TODOsday will be a little more personal.

My boyfriend and I have dated for about seven years now, we live together, and life is perfect.

After seven years, we have each other memorized. We have routine and get too comfortable doing nothing together– not a bad thing. But, We have promised each other to break out of our sofa, tv, veg-mode evenings.

In efforts to save money and challenge our creativity– we are collecting date night ideas that cost next to nothing.

So, on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, we will be at a local bar that is hosting free dance lessons. Tonight is shag! No no. Not the Austin Powers kind of shag, not the carpet. The dance.

I hope I have the coordination and courage to make a fool of myself. But hey, we both love to laugh, so it wont be a total loss if I break my ankle.

We are going to write down all of our budget friendly date ideas in a large glass bowl, and draw them out randomly.

I’ve come up with a few ideas, but I really need some help.

I know you all are super creative and fun people….

What are some great, cheap, fun, date night ideas??

Much love,


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Interior designer, crafter, bargain hunter, cooker, baker, veggie lover, visual merchandiser, furniture upcycler, beach goer, laugher, nature lover, Ben Franklin fan, love lover.
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8 Responses to ToDosday- Date Nights!

  1. Elaine R Steinbeck says:

    Congratulations to you both for reaching this milestone in your relationship!!!!!

  2. Curls & Q says:

    Our local coffee shops have open mic nights. We’ve heard a bunch of wonderful musicians/singers.

  3. Good idea!! I love music!

  4. I love your idea! A simple picnic is always fun and affordable, tackling a local trail together, renting a tandem bike, riding a random bus to see where it takes you.

  5. geralin89 says:

    I have once heard of a pub quiz in our town.
    Never been there but people say it is fun. Maybe you got a pub like this as well?

    And what about karaoke? If you like singing you can go to a karaoke bar which has on open stage so you don’t have to pay for a special booth. Furthermore it’ so fun to see and hear people perform.

    • I would love a trivia night! I have to hunt that down. Our town is small and sleepy. Karaoke would be fun, but I think they might pay me to get off the stage.. Lol.

      Thank you for posting and reading my blog!

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