Saved by the…

… tiger balm! The crick in my neck is working its way out, thankfully. It still hurts, but thanks to this miracle ointment, I can get back to work blogging, cleaning, cooking, and dolling up my showroom.

While recuperating on Thursday, I was flipping around crappy daytime programming and getting even more frustrated with my crippled situation. I discovered that MTV2 was playing ‘Saved by the Bell’- not the new years, the college years, or the geriatric years. The original years! YAY!

Jessie Spano on drugs ecard

Source: Ecards

I still love this show!

saved by the bell


I also love floral prints, always have. This season is invaded with floral! And just when I thought to myself, “I own too much floral.” I see Kelly Kapowski skip along with all her optimistic floral, and feel better… kind of. She DEFINITELY owns too much floral.

Kelly Kapowski style

Source: by bethanyd28594

I am no fashion expert, but the latest trends have made it extremely difficult for me to enjoy shopping. Good for my budget, not good for suppressing of awkward fashion memories of my youth. WHY are the mirror images of characters from my favorite 80’s/90’s sitcoms being ripped out of pages of today’s preteen fashion magazines and flooding department stores??!!

kelly kapowski and lisa turtle

Bodycon dresses, neon, bangs, acid wash denim, printed leggings, plaid, aztec patterns, man tanks, striped, oversized and one shoulder sweaters are everywhere! But it’s not Kelly or Zach or Lisa or Jessie or AC wearing them! And get this- I saw 98 Degrees playing on the Today Show this week! What is going on!?? Where will it end?! It’s way too soon for this fashion history to repeat itself!! How about just a LITTLE moderation? If I see any little kid rocking an awful perm, I’m calling child protective services!!!

90's fashion


90 greatest 90’s fashion trends- This slideshow is hilarious

Is it just a marketing thing? Are they purposely bringing back these fashions to pull at a new generation of parents’ heartstrings, so they open up their wallets? That’s my theory, anyway. I’m looking at you TARGET!!

I love my 80’s and 90’s culture, but unless Michael Jordan can come back and pull another three-peat with the Bulls, I’d like to leave these times in our photo albums/scrapbooks. The younger generations can’t even begin to appreciate where these ‘new’ trends are coming from!

(^^This is for you, Jon^^)

TIME OUT! Mark Paul Goesslaar can stay. He’s still hot and I love ‘Franklin and Bash’ on TNT. Is Pete Bash the updated professional version of Zach Morris, or what? TIME IN!

zach morris mark paul gosselaar pete bash


What 80’s-90’s trends would you like to bring back? What trends would you NEVER EVER like to see again?

Much love, preppy.


PS- Stop by tomorrow for my nominees for the Beautiful Blogger Award. =)


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9 Responses to Saved by the…

  1. 13coco says:

    I have been wearing the florals, printed pants, and the plaid, but nothing else from the 90’s (I am much more of a 20’s and 60’s era fan). There are very few trends from the 1990’s that should be resurrected– I was a small child through much of the 1990’s, but I vividly remember the clothes my kindergarten teacher wore (I once got in trouble with her for telling her I thought her clothes were ugly). I don’t understand preteen fashion in general, but I really don’t understand the surplus of 90’s trends for this age group. Maybe it is because the designers figure few to none of their customers were born in the 1990’s, so they definitely won’t remember it or the trends. Still, everyone else knows and I wish designers would come up with something new and original (or atleast avoid the trends of the 1980’s and 90’s, please).
    This post is very well done and thank you for checking out my blog– it is appreciated.

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I totally agree. LOL about the teacher in bad clothes. Kids say the darndest things…. but you probably were just born with good taste. I had some teachers that dressed like oversized children. long denim overall dresses paired with a turtleneck that was embroidered with tiny cats all over? really? it can’t be that hard. thank you again, and ill keep dropping by your blog for designers with new ideas. 😉 you rock.

  2. Silvia says:

    Since I live in jeans and T-shirts I really can’t make an intelligent comment about this Post but I do know what annoys me and that is big Hair!! So often I see your girls with hair that looks like it hasn’t seen a brush for month! I know it’s the Fashion right now but surely that matted old Birds nest look is gotta go!!!
    Having said that I am currently in favor of Tie Dye!!! Not the acid colored kind…grey and white only

  3. Curls & Q says:

    My 9 year old granddaughter dresses as if she’s in the 80’s. She told her mom she should have been born then because the fashions and hairstyles were so awesome! 😎

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