Rock you like a hurricane….

That’s right, hurricane season started on June 1st and will end November 30th this year.

T’is the season for my fellow beach bums and business owners to hang on the edge of their seats. Our beach community relies heavily on summer tourism. It’s our livelihood.

hurricane evacuation emerald isle

Last year, Hurricane Irene brought lots of wind and rain to an already saturated ground. We had lots of down trees and flooding, but luckily, my community was relatively unscathed. We lost our fishing pier but, thankfully, it was rebuilt this year.

bogue inlet pier hurricane irene

Bogue Inlet Pier

Tree down at HTP

Many people all along the east coast were not so lucky. Highways washed out and flooded, many lost power for days, people lost their homes, etc.

I was just starting in furniture sales at the time of the hurricane. I don’t care how sleazy of a salesperson you are or how bad you are starving for commission– When a customer comes in to shop for a whole house full of furniture because it was all destroyed by an act of God, you don’t care about money or food or anything besides wanting to help and listen and pray.

A customer’s mother did not heed the mandatory evacuation. As the first floor began to flood, she sloshed to the steps to climb to the second floor. As she waded through the house, she saw her pots and pans and food floating out of her cabinets and TWO SNAKES SLITHERED BY. EEK! The house ended up being a total loss and she had to move in with her daughter.


Click here to learn how to prep your home for a hurricane!

It’s crazy that we can work so hard our whole lives for a goal, a house, a family, a job, whatever, and it can all be whisked away so quickly with only a small percentage of the effort you put into it. But together, we can get through anything! Chin up, roll up your sleeves, you got this! I am not speaking exclusively about hurricane clean up, here.

PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! follow this link to NOAAs information for hurricane preparedness if you live in an area prone to hurricanes. NOAA’s hurricane preparedness guide

If you are living or visiting an area vulnerable to hurricanes, I have a few pieces of advice:

  • Pay the little extra for travelers insurance! Trust me! A mandatory evacuation and no insurance means you just shredded a couple thousand dollars. Sorry. And no, you will not get a voucher for a new week. This is why traveler’s insurance exists.
  • Pay attention to the local and national news. If they are saying get out, GET OUT. You don’t want to be stuck in a boat, trailer, tent, or rental home during something so unpredictable.
  • If you want an adventure, go sky-diving. A hurricane party is only realistic when you have a generator, the storm has weakened to a tropical storm/depression, are friends with at least one sober emergency worker and are not in a hurry to leave the area.
  • Jim Cantore is human. Even he gets hurt when trying to survive hurricane force winds. You are NO Jim Cantore. Actually, if Jim Cantore is anywhere near your town, GO NOW!
  • Don’t do this.
  • or this
swimming with Irene


  • or this
  • or this

(as my dad would say, “What a dingbat!”)

  • or this


When all is clear, it IS okay to dress in a bear suit and hunt down the news cameras.


No matter what, just have common sense and respect for the power of mother nature. She’s a wild one.




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  1. Scary stuff. Thanks for the tips.

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