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Caffeine Christmas

Happy National Coffee Day! Cheers to all you movers and shakers and jitterers. How do you take your coffee? I’m a one teaspoon of sugar and a heavy splash of almond milk kinda girl. Drink up, Bethany Advertisements

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Hey everyone! I’m sorry I haven’t blogged in a while.  I haven’t forgotten about you, I promise.  I’ve had a lot going on between weddings, side projects, cleaning, work, cooking, working out (I’m down 5 pounds!  WOO!). I’m super excited … Continue reading

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Todosday! Don’t you step on my blue suede shoes!

No, don’t start reading yet.  Scroll up and watch the video.  Because Elvis is awesome. Okay!  Ready? I had so much fun this weekend celebrating the marriage of two good friends.  My boyfriend and I are so happy for them! … Continue reading

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Etsy O’Clock!

Good morning everyone! I’m on a mission to load up my Etsy page with some easy to ship goodies.  I’ll be offering free shipping for destinations in the USA.  As soon as I get some more items up, I plan … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Cute Overload:
This is the first Sunday of the NFL season, and Cute Overload has many reasons to GET STOKED! First, will the Bengals bring back mascot “Benzoo” from their old stadium?! We want to see who…

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Tomato red geometrics

Hey again! I think it’s time to get back to crafting. In my top ten tells of a crafter, I touched on crafters and their tendency to save and collect everything. When I pick up a piece of furniture to … Continue reading

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Paint the town.. Tomato Red.

Hey everyone! Thank you for the new and old blog love, visits, and likes! I’m super excited about this week because it has an extra personal touch. The inspiration for this post comes from my mom’s garden. My mom loves … Continue reading

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