Etsy O’Clock!

Good morning everyone!

I’m on a mission to load up my Etsy page with some easy to ship goodies.  I’ll be offering free shipping for destinations in the USA.  As soon as I get some more items up, I plan to have some sales, giveaways, etc.  So stay tuned.

My table runners are ready to bring some cheer into your home!

geometric table runners etsy

$45.00, 55”x10”, 100% rayon

And don’t forget about my Facebook page.  Once I hit 150 “likes,” I will be giving away this set of four hand painted glasses.  Keep them for yourself or give them as a gift!

Watermelon glasses by

For one lucky Facebook fan!

I can’t thank you all enough for the kindness and support you have given me and this blog!

Sometimes when you are on mission for a business/dream/change, people doubt and want to bring you down and it will keep you from moving forward.  No more.  I’m ready.  I know I’m not a brain surgeon, I won’t be curing cancer (I wish I could), I may not have the perfect plan for world peace.  But I know I can make beautiful things and if that makes someone happy and their home a better place to be, then I am satisfied.

Thanks to you and a little guidance from Benny Franklin…. it’ll all be okay!

hide not your talents, the for use were made whats a sun dial in the shade





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Interior designer, crafter, bargain hunter, cooker, baker, veggie lover, visual merchandiser, furniture upcycler, beach goer, laugher, nature lover, Ben Franklin fan, love lover.
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