Todosday! Don’t you step on my blue suede shoes!

No, don’t start reading yet.  Scroll up and watch the video.  Because Elvis is awesome.

Okay!  Ready?

I had so much fun this weekend celebrating the marriage of two good friends.  My boyfriend and I are so happy for them!  We danced, laughed, sang, cheered, etc.

The whole day was perfect.   The reception was outdoors and the ground was a little wet from a storm the night before.  I was happy to test and trash my nude suede shoes in the name of love!

I only spent $20 on the shoes (Thanks, TJMaxx)– but waste not want not!  I love these shoes and they will be rescued!!

I found an amazing champagne dress with beading on sale for a whopping 83% off!  A $320 dress for $42.  That’s absurd!  That is too good of a deal for this bargain hunter to pass up.  Only catch– I’ll have to lose ten pounds at least, and tone up to wear this dress.

aidan mattox dress


Not to fear, Denise Austin is here.

During the malaise of unemployment, this woman helped me shed ten (sangria) pounds in three weeks.

Not only do I need to get fit.  I HAVE to clean these SHOES! Luckily, the stains were water based.

how to clean suede shoes before

The sign of a fun night.

My arsenal

  • Nail brush
  • Clean and dry terry cloth
  • Bowl of water
  • Blow dryer

What I did.


  1. Wipe off the bottom of the shoes.
  2. With a DRY nail brush and after the muddy stains dry, brush the shoe!  Make SURE you brush in the same direction.  Not back and forth- that grinds in the dirt.  Be patient.
  3. If water spots are still noticeable, wet the shoe.  Dip the nail brush in the bowl of water, and brush all over the shoe, in the same direction
  4. Let dry
  5. If there are still stubborn water spots.  Repeat step 3.  To dry, apply some heat with a blow dryer.  Focus on the water spots.
  6. Wipe down with clean dry cloth.  And you just saved your favorite shoes!
how to clean suede shoes after

Still a few water marks, but a great result nonetheless.

how to clean suede afterI have to go pick up some suede protectant now!

Thanks for reading!  I hope you find this helpful!

Until next time, don’t be afraid to have fun in your favorite shoes.

Much love,



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