Baby, It’s Cold Outside. Part 2.

Happy Monday, everyone!

I hope everyone had a lovely and exciting weekend! Mine was filled with good friends in the beautiful town of Topsail Beach, NC. Luckily, the weather was mild and made for a picture perfect day! The weekend festivities inspired me to add to my list of ways to stay warm this winter.

1. Oysters

Nature's Ferrero Rocher?

Nature’s Ferrero Rocher?

Oysters are a big part of the coastal NC lifestyle. Personally, I can’t handle the texture, but I love the company. There is something simply perfect about a good group of friends chatting over a steaming heap of oysters. The heat from the steam cooker under a canopy of live oak trees is a fool proof way to have a good time.




And any activity that allows you to wear gloves to eat your food is perfect for cold weather.

The sound of oyster knives cracking open a simply natural treasure from the ocean is just another reminder that we belong to the earth, the earth does not belong to us. Don’t forget to recycle the shells so we can maintain the oyster beds!!



Winter weather accessories

2. Scarves

They are less expensive than a necklace and according to Pinterest, there are tons of upcycled tshirt scarf ideas floating around the internet.






Scared of pattern or color? A scarf is the answer!






3. Lavender aromatherapy pillows.


What helps to put you to sleep, warms you up, helps kick anxiety and stress and soothes aches and pains? Lavender! I just purchased some organic lavender, cotton fabric, and flax seeds to make a bunch pillows for Christmas gifts. I WILL have a DIY in the next few days. I assure you, it’s the best thing in the world– especially, if you suffer from horrible cramps, headaches, a stressful job, push yourself too hard at the gym, are hungover, etc etc etc. It’s a miracle worker.

4. Fire pits

Enough said!

5. Spicy detox tea

I’ve been drinking this during the week in the evenings. A glass of wine or two at night can really bring a damper on your metabolism. For a new years resolution, substitue that week day drinking habit with this recipe from QuickieChick.

In your favorite mug…

  • Juice one lemon
  • A dash or two of cinnamon
  • A dash or two of cayenne pepper
  • Eight ounces of hot water.

Stir. Drink 1-2 cups in the evening to warm you up and curb late night cravings.

The cayenne is spicy and warms your body. Any more than two shakes is too much, if you are not a fan of spice. The drink is sour; do not add sugar. You will get used to the flavor. Not sure if it really increases my metabolism, but the ingredients are generally good for you. Thank you QuickieChick!

Well, thats all for now, I hope everyone is staying toasty! Leave me a message and let me know if you try any of my tips! Or love oysters! Or NC! Or are in love with your lavender miracle pillow!

Bundle up and I’ll see you tomorrow for a quick and easy DIY! 🙂

Much love,



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3 Responses to Baby, It’s Cold Outside. Part 2.

  1. geralin89 says:

    I love lavender… I should get a lavender pillow somewhere.^^

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